Director of Pharmacy Services

Full Time
Directs the organization's pharmacy program, both hospital pharmacy and retail pharmacy, in accordance with all federal and state laws relating to the storage, compounding and distribution of drugs. Contacts pharmaceutical vendors to obtain bids and/or negotiate prices for supplies. Establishes department purchasing parameters and oversees acquisition, storage and inventory maintenance of pharmaceutical medications and supplies. Establishes and measures performance metrics with regard to patient outcomes, medications safety and medication use policies within the facility. He/she is responsible for direction and coordination of the personnel for the hospital and retail pharmacy departments. Plans, directs, and monitors all financial, operational, professional, and clinical activities of the department. Develops competence assessment programs that ensure all pharmacy staff performs all duties and responsibilities with utmost efficiency and safety, as well as, complies with all applicable policies, procedures and standards of the hospital. Provides PRHC staff with timely information relative to new drugs, policies, and standards of care that relate to medication use/safety.

Minimum knowledge, skills, and abilities:
Graduate of an accredited college of Pharmacy with a PharmD. RPh.
Iowa Pharmacy License that is current and in good standing.
Requires at least 3-5 years of experience in the hospital and retail pharmacy setting, including leadership
Ability to read and communicate effectively in English.
High degree of empathetic listening, tact and kindness toward others.
Ability to communicate well verbally. Must work effectively as a member of a team.
Strong computer knowledge.
Technical skills associated with duties listed within this job description. Must be competent in all assigned areas.
Must demonstrate leadership and effective communication skills as required for this position.

Don't Be Fooled

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